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Borderline Movement is Paola Escobar's choreographic project based in her interdisciplinary practice in contemporary dance, flamenco and LatinAmerican styles. Borderline Movement work exists in the liminal space in-between disciplines, genres, styles and forms and questions the boundaries that separate them. 


Borderline Movement projects happen in diverse settings including theaters, black boxes, sites specific locations, galleries, and public spaces; developing dance performances, performance art pieces, site specific works, public interventions, installations and works with hybrid forms like installations/performances. 


Borderline Movement work gravitates around the notion of a holistic body that that intensionally and organically traverses dance, music, theater and digital practices, in proposals that deal with identity, memory, displacement, cultural colonialism and the balance between analogue and digital realities in the 21st century. 


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Paola Escobar


Tel: 786-356-3922

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